Date of
Campus Type of Crime Disposition
WKCTC-ILMI-2017-0014 08/2/2017 08/3/2017 David Wallace Downtown Campus Vandalism Open - Local Police Investigating
WKCTC-MC-2017-0015 08/12/2017 08/12/2017 Michael Ormes Main Campus Theft Closed
JCTC-DT-2017-1649 08/16/2017 08/16/2017 DeMarcus Page Downtown Campus CriminalDamageProperty OpenColInvest
OCTC-MA-17081601 08/16/2017 08/16/2017 Jeff Hendricks Main Campus LarcenyTheft OpenLocalPolInvest
WKCTC-MC-2017-0016 08/23/2017 08/24/2017 Paul Carter Main Campus Criminal Damage to Property Closed
ACTC-TDC-2017-0023 08/24/2017 08/24/2017 Deputy E.R.Riffe Technology Drive Campus at EastPark Larceny/Theft Open - Local Police Investigating
WKCTC-MC-2017-0017 08/31/2017 08/31/2017 TJ McKinney Main Campus Criminal Damage to Property Open - College Investigating
OCTC DT17091402 09/13/2017 09/14/2017 Jeff Hendricks Downtown Campus Larceny/Theft Open - Local Police Investigating
ACTC-CDC-2017-0026 09/14/2017 09/14/2017 Deputy E.R.Riffe College Drive Campus Alcohol Law Violation Referred for disciplinary action
WKCTC-PSAD-2017-0018 09/17/2017 09/19/2017 David Wallace Downtown Campus Theft Open - College Investigating
WKCTC-MC-2017-0019 09/20/2017 09/20/2017 David Wallace Main Campus Other Open - College Investigating
WKCTC-MC-2017-0020 09/21/2017 09/21/2017 David Wallace Main Campus -- Open - College Investigating