Date of
Campus Type of Crime Disposition
JCTC-DT-2017-1666 01/12/2018 01/12/2018 Cox, David Downtown Campus TerroristicThreatening OpenColInvest
JCTC-DT-2017-1667 12/27/2017 01/26/2018 Clayton Patton Downtown Campus Theft OpenColInvest
JCTC-DT-2018-1668 01/3/2018 01/3/2018 Donald Poole Downtown Campus Theft Open - Local Police Investigating
JCTC-DT-2017-1669 01/8/2018 01/9/2018 Brenda Kestner Downtown Campus Vandalism Open - Local Police Investigating
JCTC-DT-2018-1670 01/10/2018 01/18/2018 Donald Poole Downtown Campus Larceny/Theft Open - College Investigating
JCTC-DT-2018-1671 01/25/2018 01/25/2018 Charles Washington Downtown Campus Domestic Violence Open - College Investigating
WKCTC-MC-2018-0001 02/5/2018 02/5/2018 David Wallace Main Campus Intimidation Open - College Investigating
WKCTC-MC-2018-0002 02/5/2018 02/5/2018 David Wallace Main Campus Drug Law Violation Subject Arrested
DT-JCTC-2018-1672 02/5/2018 02/5/2018 Donald Poole Downtown Campus TerroristicThreatening Closed
DT-JCTC-2018-1673 02/6/2018 02/6/2018 Moore, Carl Southwest Campus Vandalism Closed
WKCTC-MC-2018-0003 02/7/2018 02/8/2018 David Wallace Main Campus Terroristic Threatening Subject Arrested
ACTC-CDC-2018-0003 02/9/2018 02/13/2018 Deputy E.R.Riffe College Drive Campus DatingViolence OpenLocalPolInvest
DT-JCTC-2018-1674 02/20/2018 02/20/2018 DeMarcus Page Downtown Campus Theft Closed