Case Number: ACTC-CDC-2018-0003


Date of Incident: 02-09-2018 5:45 AM

Date Reported: 02-13-2018 1:30 PM

Responding Official
Deputy E.R.Riffe

College Drive Campus

Type of Crime

Type of Bias

Contact Safety Team

Description of Crime

Victim stated she was struck on the arm by her then Boyfriend at an Off Campus location on 12-15-2017. The incident was not reported at the time and the Victim ended the relationship on 01-04-2018. Victim stated that on 02-09-2018, she began receiving numerous hang up phone calls from the estranged male and is concerned that he may attempt to harm her. (JC-3 #1124096)

Suspect or Damage

Non Student: Daniel Chaffin

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